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  • Q. What types of cardiac monitors are available?

    A. Your doctor will provide you with specific information about the cardiac monitor prescribed for your service. Below is an overview of each type of monitor provided by eCardio

  • Cardiac Event monitors

    If your physician has given you a Cardiac Event monitor (CEM), your doctor will recommend wearing the device for a few weeks or up to 30 days. When you feel a symptom, you may be directed by your physician to push a button on your monitor to record the rhythm, or, if you have an eTrigger Event Monitor, it will automatically record when it identifies an arrhythmia, whether you feel a symptom or not.

  • 24-hour Holter monitors

    If your physician has recommended a 24-hour Holter monitor, you will go about your usual, daily activities while wearing a small, portable monitor that connects to the leads on your chest. During the monitoring period, the device will record changes in your heart's rhythm. At the end of the monitoring period, you simply return the Holter monitor for analysis of the recordings. Your physician will receive a report for review and diagnosis of your results.

  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry monitors

    Your physician may have prescribed a Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) monitor to help diagnose potential heart rhythm problems. eCardio’s telemetry monitors record irregular rhythms to help your physician more quickly diagnose and treat heart conditions. The Mobile Cardiac Telemetry monitor is designed to continuously record and detect irregular heart rhythms and send the information wirelessly to our Monitoring Center. You are to wear the monitor 24 hours a day, unless directed otherwise by your physician, except when you are in water.

  • Q. What if I don't have symptoms every day?

    A. Many heart rhythm disorders have no symptoms and often patients will experience an arrhythmia without realizing it.

    If you are wearing a Cardiac Event monitor, it is important that you check the monitor each day to determine if any events have been recorded and stored on the device. If you are feeling symptomatic and record an event, or your Cardiac Event monitor indicates there are events stored on the device, you should call and transmit the report to the Monitoring Center.

  • Q. Can I wear the monitor in the shower or bath?

    A. No. Cardiac monitors are not waterproof. You should remove the device before bathing and be sure to re-attach it afterwards.

  • Q. What happens if the monitor detects something serious?

    A. When the data from your heart monitor is transmitted to eCardio's Monitoring Center, two technicians review the report to check for any serious, irregular heart rhythms. If the ECG shows a serious arrhythmia, the Monitoring Center will contact you immediately and direct you to call emergency medical services. eCardio will also notify your physician.

      eCardio is a full-service, arrhythmia monitoring company. We offer Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, Cardiac Event and Holter monitoring 24 hours a day, every day. For more information on our services, give us a call at 888.747.1442. If you're an eCardio patient and need help with your heart monitor, feel free to give our expert patient services team a call at 888.500.3522.

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